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16mm Wedding Videography

With my love of shooting music photography and creating short films I have developed a passion and love for shooting on old film in most mediums whether it be 35 or medium format to super 8 and 16mm. One thing that I really love with film is the way colors are portrayed when scanned and processed to digital, there is nothing like it.

Over the hundreds of weddings we have shot quite a few couples have opted for the super 8mm, these can be listed below! If you are looking to shoot in super 8mm we can look after you in price and generally if you are after your wedding to be filmed in super 8 and super 8 alone, we can dramatically reduce the fee as its a medium we love to shoot in! For all enquiries with film whether it be 8mm or 16mm Wedding Videography, get in touch!

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May 14, 2024

Michelle & Justin

April 30, 2024

Mandy & Scott