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What’s the turn around time on wedding films?

Generally for safety we say around 8-12 weeks for the delivery of all wedding assets, however this time may vary according to the time of the year and the amount of weddings at that time.

With filming weddings do you record the speeches and ceremony in full also?

A complete package has the speeches, full length ceremony (filmed on an additional camera) and full length edit generally 6-7 mins and also a highlight film ideal for socials.

Do you put the vowels in the wedding clip?

Generally speaking we tend not to put the vowels over the wedding clips as we have found it can get a little tacky unless done correctly, in addition to this a lot of the speeches and vowels are quite personal and most couples are happy to keep that as their little keep sake.

Do you have different packages for filming on site?

Generally speaking we tend to have the same package as in order to create a nice film start to finish it needs to have most of the journey to the ceremony and the party after. In saying that if budget is an issue we are happy to chat it out prior to the day.

Do you have any covid policy or cancellation policy?

If a couple comes down with covid and the date has to be moved we are happy to work with you guys to make it happen. No extra fees etc. if the wedding is cancelled completely TWE can refund the money apart from the deposit amount.

What is your deposit amount required to lock off the day?

Half of the total fee for the day/night.

Are there any revisions allowed on wedding films?

In over the hundreds of weddings we have filmed to this day we haven’t had to do a revision or change around a clip. We love that the couples give TWE creative control and let us do what we do best.

Do you shoot by yourself or have other camera operators?

We shoot independantly or we have additional shooters than can help out if required. These filmers have 10+ years experience of filming music and also weddings.

Is everything edited by you?

Everything is edited in house by Ben at TWE.

Do you do destination weddings?

We have shot weddings and projects all overseas from music events in stockholm, to weddings in Santorini. As of July 2023 we will be shooting a month in Italy during the wedding season abroad.

Can we choose our own music for our wedding films?

You certainly can! It’s your day you should have the music you love! It’s a keep sake video and it will be seen for your eyes and close friends.

Can we shoot our entire wedding in super 8mm?

We love shooting in film it’s where we do a lot of our magic! If you are looking for a unique look this is the way to go! We can offer cheaper rates than standard if you wish to go down this path!

Do you offer shooting film photography on your weddings and events?

We have started shooting a few rolls of 35mm per wedding and couples loved it! There aren’t too many filmers that can shoot video and also 35 or 120 at the same time and couples love that we can do both! Click here to read and see more.

Can we have more than one shooter at our wedding?

You certainly can! We have many additional filmers that we have rubbed shoulders with over our 15 years of filming!

Do you shoot music events and festivals?

We do! We have covered events like party in the paddock in tas to freedom day festival in remote NT. We have also been a touring photographer for some of Australia’s and the worlds biggest bands and musicians.

Do you have any contracts or terms and conditions in place for your jobs to secure our booking?

We certainly do and can send it all out to you, when we get to that stage of the booking!

If our wedding is interstate will you still be able to film and is there any extra charge for driving and overnight stay?

We certainly can and generally this is sorted as per the wedding location and time requires on site.

Do you have any recommended suppliers?

I do and we have a dedicated page to my preferred suppliers on the website!

How many weddings have you shot and how many do you tend to film per year?

We have shot now over 100 weddings all boasting a completely different look to the traditional wedding videos you are online, generally we tend to film around 40 a year as of this year 2022.

Do you do music videos?

We do however this is managed case by case basis! Get in contact for the chat!

Do you do band promo shoots?

We do however this is managed case by case basis! Get in contact for the chat!